Talking PicturesCamera Phone Conversations Between Artists. 

Pouring and channeling every flummoxed emotion that impending birth may bring to the identity of a woman, these images address the complex nature of anticipation, anxiety, exhilaration, fear, sexuality, adventure, birth, rebirth and the unknown.

I was asked to choose an art partner to create work on a mobile phone in a captionless call-and-response style. I invited Irina Rozovsky to be my art partner and while it was unknown to us at the time, this commission lined up perfectly with the last six months of our pregnancies. While Irina and I were creating this work and layers of growth were happening within us, we were also surrounded by the highly volatile political climate of post election America. These pictures go back and forth between created scenarios and found moments that capture the ironic yet timely ubiquity of life. These pictures are reminders of personal battles and confrontations, and I hope their manifestations allows one to partake in our shared experience, visually and emotionally, both inside and out.